Weight Training For Women -- Getting Strong

Female Muscle Building 

Weight training for women is still not the norm. According to recent polls, only 20% of women practice weight training on a regular basis.

Not only does the stereotype persist, when we do see images of women strength training, they are using 1 lb. to 3 lb. weights in their hands while doing exercises. Sorry, ladies.  Although you might burn a couple more calories, it is not the type of strength training your body needs to build and maintain muscles to keep you strong as you age.

To make meaningful strength gains, the movement must be done with the proper amount of weight for a limited number of repetitions.  

Our bodies adapt to the demands we do or do not place on them.  More demand increases fitness, less demand leads to decline in fitness.

Weight Training for Women -- the Big No No's

Weight training for women does not mean building a man's body -- unless that is your goal.

No-No  #1   NEVER use weights when you are doing waist exercises!

When I see a woman with a weight in her hand doing side bends, I cringe. Trainers seem to persist in having women do this. Why in the world would you want to build the muscles along the sides of your waist? 

There are waist exercises and movements that keep those muscles strong and create a girdle without building them up. Keep a lookout for my upcoming guides!

Using weights for waist exercises is great for men because good male symmetry includes a fairly straight, thick waist – not one that curves inward.

I cannot stress this enough. Unless your sport requires that you build super-strong muscles along your waist, if some trainer tells you to use weights, just say “NO!”  

No-No  #2   NEVER do shoulder shrugs!

Again, certain trainers will suggest this exercise for women.  I wince when I see women doing this movement.  Shrugs build traps --  those big sloping muscles between the neck and shoulders.

We want to look like women, not apes.  It may look great on wrestlers and football players, but it is not an attractive feature for a woman. 

Also, be careful on certain shoulder exercises. Keep those traps relaxed during the movement, so you aren’t working them unintentionally.

Venturing into the Weight Room

It doesn't take long to feel comfortable in the weight room.  As your strength increases, and it will, your confidence does as well.

Within a few years, I was actually stronger than the average man in the gym.  So, I eventually earned my place on the food chain the minute they saw how much weight I was moving – not to mention that men get quite serious when a small-boned, solid-bodied woman follows them on a machine and increases the weight they were just lifting.

Into the Gym for the First Time?

Female muscle building is no longer unheard of as it was when I started back in the 70s.  I was a rare sight in the gyms at that time; but, I learned my way around quickly. Here are a few tips. 

  • If you have a trainer or a friend, ask that person to accompany you the first time or two.
  • Go in there with knowledge; and if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. 
  • Let them see that you are serious and not in there because you are looking for a date. I think it helps everyone relax when they see what your true intentions are. This is not to say that you won't meet someone special in the gym.
  • Know a bit of the lingo and proper etiquette. 

I can’t count the number of times a man has told me that he wished his wife or girlfriend would come to the gym with him. 

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