Adaptive Sports Equipment that Could Boost Your Activity Level 

Innovative Adaptive Sports Equipment that Could Boost Your Activity Level

Adaptive sports equipment helps people with certain limitations to still participate in activities they love.

If you have limited mobility, you may know what it’s like to sit on the sidelines watching others enjoy activities that are beyond your capabilities. What you may not know is that there is now an expansive market for adaptive sports equipment. Technology is advancing rapidly in the sports world, and the benefits aren’t reserved for professional or Olympic athletes with disabilities.

Popular Adaptive Sports Equipment Currently Available

If you would like to improve your activity level but some type of disability or mobility limitation holds you back, there’s a good chance that special equipment can help. Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the adaptive sports innovations that are currently on the market.

The Action Trackchair

This is the off-road version of your favorite wheelchair. It’s designed to take users into the world of hiking, fishing, and many other sports. Rather than standard wheels, each chair is fitted with rugged, oversized tracks that move the chair smoothly even over sand, gravel, dirt and outdoor trails littered with tree roots and other debris that would become an obstacle for a standard wheelchair. Some of the newer models allow users to sit or stand up securely, so you can hit the field for a softball game or throw the football with your grandchildren with ease.

This is just one example of a growing market for off-road wheelchairs. Some are more affordable than others, but they are a great investment if you want to live your life off the beaten track despite your physical limitations.

Swimming Pool Lifts

Swimming Pool Lifts

If you love to swim but getting in and out of the pool is a problem, a lift that eases you in and out gently may solve the problem. You can also invest in a variety of adaptive swimming equipment that will make enjoying the water much safer with many disabilities. For instance, you might need a head float with stabilization bar to keep your head securely above water or a water walker that makes it easier to walk around a swimming pool and interact with others without struggle.

Freedex Trikes

This company makes adaptive tricycles that are suitable for kids or adults who are unable to walk safely or comfortably. Not only do they provide a source of exercise, but they are often used to allow those with disabilities to grocery shop for themselves, take a walk around the park, or simply get around their homes with greater ease. They are also perfect for children who just want to go out and play with their friends.

Racing Wheelchairs

If your dream is to race around a track at top speed but your legs aren’t up for the challenge, consider investing in a racing wheelchair. These chairs are quite expensive, but they are adapted to deliver the sensation of racing at high speed to disabled users. They are designed for adults and children and are used more for sport and entertainment than functional applications around the home.

There's great excitement over the adaptive sports equipment now hitting the market. With the increased demand, you can expect more innovations to hit store shelves or online stores. Whatever your athletic dream may be, adaptive sports equipment could help you make the dream come true.  

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