Laughter and Your Health
– Can You Giggle Your Way to Great Health? 

Woman's Laughter and your Health

There is a connection between laughter and your health. In fact, the health benefits of laughter on your overall well being shouldn't be ignored.

How many times have you heard someone say that laughter is the best medicine? Increasingly, medical professionals are considering the legitimate physical and emotional benefits of laughter. Some open-minded health experts are designing therapy programs around humor, simulating laughter to elevate mood or to improve pain threshold.

We know that positive thinking can have a significant impact on your life. But, if something as natural as laughing can improve your health or help you overcome chronic pain, then there are good reasons to add these feel-good moments to your lifestyle.

What Do Scientists Say about 
Laughter and your Health?

Woman Laughing

A study on laughter and your health completed a thorough overview of the research currently available to determine the correlation between laughter and your health. In that study, researchers considered laughter and health on various levels, including the potential for laughter to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, enhance longevity, and fight against physical pain.

The results were inconsistent, and similar studies reviewing the current data have come to many of the same conclusions. However, the researchers did find strong evidence that humor and laughter can improve pain threshold or enhance tolerance to pain. It’s possible that this is partly due to distracting the brain from the pain; but there is evidence that something longer-lasting takes place.

As with many forms of nontraditional medicine, further investigation into the physical benefits of laughter on the brain and other parts of the body is needed.

Real Life Experiences Matter

Although the scientific research is inconclusive at this point, there are many people around the world who claim that laughter therapy has improved their health in various ways. They believe firmly that finding joy in daily life is an effective addition to any treatment plan for conditions associated with chronic pain and illness.

Many find laughter and positive thinking to be effective treatments for depression and a variety of mental health issues. Whether this is the result of short-term distraction, or to a more substantial impact of laughter on the brain, is yet to be determined.  

Science may not be conclusive regarding the health benefits of laughter, but anecdotal evidence is a body of evidence. We don't need to wait on science to figure out why it is that laughter makes us feel the way that it does.

I thank God I didn't wait for science to catch up before I made the lifestyle choices that I did. My body was and is evidence that my choices worked -- and still do. It took decades before scientific evidence emerged to explain why. 

How to Daily Benefit from Laughter

Have you ever noticed that it is difficult to be angry or sad when you are laughing? Laughter releases feel-good endorphins, and relieves anxiety, stress, and tension. 

If you’ve ever shared a good joke with a stranger, you know that a bit of laughter can break the ice even in the most awkward social settings. Hearty laughter among friends and family members can lighten the mood and initiate deeper bonding between loved ones.

If you suffer from a condition that comes with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, you may want to experiment with the correlation between laughter and your health through simulated laughter therapy. Although this therapy is a bit unconventional, there are no real downsides to giving it a try.

While we’re waiting on more scientific data to prove the deeper and more important physical benefits of laughter, it’s worth incorporating humor and laughter into your daily life. A few smiles and silly moments ripe with giggles won’t hurt you, and they’re likely to lift the spirits of everyone around you as well.

Until science figures out all the reasons why laughter makes us feel so good -- keep laughing! 

A  joyful heart is good like medicine; but, a broken spirit makes one sick.  Proverbs: 17:22

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