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The New 65

It should be no surprise that I named my Fitness Over 40 website Bodies of Evidence - because, as a lawyer, I know that a case rests upon its evidence.  

I am a 68-year-old body of evidence.

This website is an effort to explain what that means, based upon various forms of evidence. It is intended to open your eyes and your mind to what is possible, and inspire you to make good lifestyle choices.

What Do You Want Your State of Fitness Over 40 to Look Like?

The bad news is that the average American lives like an invalid for the last ten to twenty years of their life. They spend most of their time sitting, increasingly unable to walk or balance themselves, not capable of getting up off of the floor if their life depended on it (and many times it does), unable to participate in ordinary activities, dependent upon others, and suffering from many illnesses falsely presumed to be a normal part of aging.

Consider these facts:

  • Eight of the nine leading categories of death and disability are preventable.
  • 70% of premature death is related to lifestyle choices.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.

Odds Are That You Will Live a Long Life

"If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself." ~Mickey Mantle

The current reality of aging is that most of us will live long lives; but many people in their later years are so frail, weak, and physically depleted that they are, literally, just one fall away from death. 

People are living longer because of advances in technology and long-term care -- not because their bodies are in excellent condition.

Obviously, none of us can outrun time; but, there is substantial science and living examples that comprise a growing body of evidence that aging doesn't have to be a downward slide.

The benefits of exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices make certain things no longer disputable. Exercise and diet directly correlate with mortality rates and overall health.

We are all aging; but, how we age is up to us. Our bodies are evidence of the lifestyle choices we have made -- good or bad. 

Fitness Over 40 is a Choice!

Choose your future position today.

The Bodies of Evidence website is filled with information as to how you can achieve health and fitness over 40. We now have increasing evidence that when it comes to health and fitness, we have a tremendous degree of control over how we will live the rest of our lives. It is never too early or too late to reap the benefits of exercise.

There is a reason my page heading depicts an eagle flying into the sunset. An eagle, unlike other birds is aware of, yet doesn't hide to escape, the approaching storm -- doesn't give in to it. It flies directly into the storm, commits to its goal by locking its wings, and uses the wind currents to lift it high above the dark clouds.

Is it possible for us to soar into our sunset years above the winds and rain that would otherwise beat us down? The overwhelming bodies of evidence tell us, "Yes!"

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I found myself motivated to do some free weights by the well-stated fact that my health is a result of my choices. -- Fred

Your website has given my husband the push he needed to add exercise back to his health regimen. Due to some health challenges he has been facing, this will play a large part in keeping him healthy and around for a long time.  Thank you! -Angela

Websites such as yours truly help sustain motivation.           -- Warren

WOW!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!! -- Paula

Great website and super encouraging for us seniors!     -- Thomas