Herbal Acne Treatment – Does it Really Work?

Herbal acne treatment is not a subject limited to adolescence. If you are wondering why a health and fitness website for people over 40 would discuss it, you aren't alone.

Acne isn't just an adolescent issue. It is also a problem among adults, even beyond the age of 50. No matter what age, it can still have the same emotional impacts.

While some may not consider using an herbal acne treatment, it can be a healthy alternative to other popular treatments.

Many people immediately reach for over-the-counter products that are loaded with questionable ingredients, not to mention the serious price tags. The cost can add up quickly. When one product fails to deliver results, you try another. When that product leaves your skin overly dry and itchy, you try yet another.

Are you tired of jumping through hoops and throwing away your money? If you aren’t getting the results that you want or you would like to treat your acne naturally, herbal acne treatments may do the trick. 

Best Herbal Acne Treatment Options

When the professionals at Prevention tried out seven natural acne treatments, they discovered that herbs and essential oils were among the treatments most likely to work. Specifically, they highlighted the following natural treatments.

Herbal Acne TreatmentDon't squeeze!
  • Tea Tree Oil – They found that this essential oil was one of the most effective acne treatments, but they recommend finding store-bought products that include this as an ingredient rather than applying the oil alone. You can use tea tree oil without buying expensive products, but you need to mix it with a carrier oil to dilute the strength of this powerful oil. It’s fast, easy and cheap to make your own tea tree oil facial masks.

  • Green Tea Extract – It seems like there is nothing that green tea can’t beat, so we might as well add “natural acne treatment” to its long list of achievements. Soak a washcloth in pure green tea and apply it directly to your face. You may also want to try chamomile tea because these leaves are quite powerful against acne. Simply wet a tea bag and hold it against your skin.

  • Willow Bark Extract – This is a powerful natural treatment that's good for all skin types, even if acne isn’t an issue. It can help cleanse and exfoliate pores so that there is less debris and oil to cause an acne outbreak. Prevention recommends buying products that include this as an ingredient, and there are some natural face masks that you might consider. You can find willow bark extract online, so making your own masks is possible.

Other Herbs & Oils to Fight Acne

There are some additional essential oils and herbs that can help you combat acne naturally. One of the most popular options is witch hazel. This herb can soothe the skin to eliminate redness and swelling that comes from inflammation. It also cleanses the pores of oil so that future outbreaks are less likely to occur. You can make your own witch hazel skin products designed to fight acne.

Some people also have success with rosemary and lavender, but these herbs aren’t as effective as other options discussed here. You may want to experiment with essential oil mixes that include rosemary, lavender and tea tree oil when creating your own DIY skincare products.   

Eliminating Acne from the Inside Out

While you’re trying out herbal acne treatments, consider giving your diet an overhaul. The most natural way to combat acne is to eliminate much of the sugar, oil and artificial ingredients that you're are consuming. Make sure that every meal you eat provides nutrients that will keep your skin healthy rather than fat and sugar that will contribute more to clogged pores, dry skin, and other skin flaws.

Diet alone may not clear up your acne problem, but it is quite powerful when combined with the best herbal acne treatments. The more you take care of your body, the healthier you will feel and look. Remember, what goes in your mouth shows on your skin, not just your waistline.

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