More Energy Without Caffeine
- Finding Other Ways to Stay Alert -

More Energy Without Caffeine

Need more energy without caffeine? No matter what your age, you may have decided to cut back on caffeine as a source of energy. Luckily, there are some healthy alternatives that will keep the pep in your step without the jittery side effects you may be experiencing or any specific health concerns you may have.

Whip Up a Smoothie

Woman with a Smoothie

Nutrient-dense foods are the best defense against sluggish energy. Rather than sitting down for your daily cup of Joe, why not experiment with smoothie recipes that include a blend of protein, nuts, vegetables, and fruits? You’ll benefit from a healthy snack that keeps your stomach full, and you may find your energy surging for the rest of the day.

Drink Fresh Juice

Now is a good time to invest in a high-quality juicer. If you primarily need energy in the morning, perhaps a citrus juicer will give you the hit of liquid sunshine needed to lift your spirits. Please be careful when using juices because they can be very high in calories.

You may also want to try a wheatgrass juicer because wheatgrass is one of the most natural energy boosters available today. A more generalized juicer will allow you to experiment with flavors to create homemade juices rich in nutrients and void of caffeine or added sugars. 

Check Your Hydration

Millions of people around the world are unknowingly dehydrated. This can cause food cravings as well as energy crashes. The good news is that simply enjoying more water throughout the day can solve the problem. If you know that your water reserves are running low, this may be all that you need to pick up the energy.

Analyze Your Lifestyle

If you’re consuming a lot of candy or high-fat foods, that may be the culprit for your low energy levels. Simply substituting for healthier foods will deliver a lot of energy without adding caffeine. 

You may also find that increasing your daily activity level or adding strength training into your weekly schedule not only gives you a rush of feel-good endorphins, it brings the energy boost that you crave. Of course, giving up cigarettes will help as well.

More Energy Without Caffeine - But You Still Love Coffee

If you can’t imagine waking up in the morning or making it through the late afternoon without a cup of hot coffee, there are some potential solutions to get more energy without caffeine.

  • Try decaffeinated coffee. You’ll still enjoy the flavor and the overall experience of relaxing with your favorite mug in hand, but you won’t have the long-term risks of consuming caffeine. This is particularly good advice for elderly individuals who may have a depleted tolerance for caffeine.  Make sure to get coffees that are naturally, and not chemically, decaffeinated or you may be doing more harm than good.
  • There are a lot of substitutes out there, such as Pero and chicory root.
  • Instead of making an abrupt change, gradually cut back on your coffee consumption. Fill your cup halfway or gradually reduce the number of cups that you consume each day. 
  • If you are solely interested in simply reducing your coffee intake, look for a non-GMO coffee. For flavoring, you might add cinnamon and pure coconut cream for the health benefits.
  • Switch to warm tea. You can use tea to fill in for the missing cups of coffee as you scale back, or you can go for a complete switch. Just do your research to make sure that the tea you enjoy doesn’t also come with a heaping dose of caffeine. Licorice tea is a caffeine-free option, but there are many others out there.
  • Mix carob powder with warm milk. A touch of honey may add some flavor if needed. This is a caffeine-free alternative that should give your energy a healthy boost.
  • You may also want to start treating coffee or your favorite caffeinated beverage as an occasional splurge as you strive to get more energy without caffeine. 

Using some of the healthier energy boosters listed above may make it easier to let go.

For NON-GMO Coffee You May Want to Try

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