How to Stop Hot Flashes with Lifestyle Changes

If you want to know how to stop hot flashes, but don’t want to try medications or hormone replacement, you might consider trying some natural options.

They wake you up in the middle of the night. They interrupt your daily life at the most inappropriate moments. They leave you standing under the ceiling fan or near the air vent. They are called hot flashes, and if you’re like most women, you will do just about anything to bring them to an end.

While lifestyle change takes some effort, those simple changes are some of your most powerful options in how to stop hot flashes, as well as many other symptoms of menopause. Changes in your lifestyle won’t interfere with hormone therapy or other menopause treatments, and your healthier life choices could reduce your dependence on those treatments in the long term.

Slow Down to Control Stress

There is a clear connection between hot flashes and stress or anxiety. Menopause can cause a lot of stress, and your menopausal symptoms may seem worse when you’re under a lot of stress. It can leave you depressed or standing in the fridge at midnight looking for comfort. It’s better to incorporate relaxing activities into your daily life so that you can slow down, forget about your problems, control your breathing, and clear your mind.

Research has shown that mindfulness training is an effective way to manage hot flashes for most women. You can bring more mindfulness into your daily life by embracing one or more of these activities regularly:

Gratitude Journal
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Noting just three to five things that you are thankful for every day can shift your focus away from the problems that stress you out.
  • Start practicing yoga or sign up for a group meditation class. You will learn to control your breathing, clear your mind, and connect your mind to your body for better control of those hot flashes.
  • Try using a cooling pillow such as Chillow.

Muse is a brain-sensing technology that synthesizes traditional psychotherapy with mindfulness theory and yoga. It is used around the world by neuroscientists, researchers, health professionals, and projects in hospitals and universities including NASA, The Mayo Clinic, UCL, MIT and many more.

Muse -- to improve sleep and manage stress.

How to Stop Hot Flashes by Winding Up to Wind Down

The Mayo Clinic recommends that menopausal women exercise regularly because it will help with weight control. You’re more likely to experience hot flashes if you are overweight, so it makes sense to increase your daily energy expenditure to combat those menopausal pounds. You will also benefit from a lower risk of developing cancer and other life-threatening diseases that are so common in middle age today.

You can increase your daily activity level by going for walks, signing up for a water aerobics class at your local YMCA, or joining a boutique gym like 9 Round. This gym delivers a fun workout that takes only 30 months to complete, and you have the attention of a personal trainer to modify the workout to your needs at all times. The strength training will keep your bones and muscles strong.

Stop Hot Flashes Naturally – Starting Today

Lifestyle changes are best handled in small doses. Pick one change that you believe will have the biggest impact, and set a small goal. The secret is to select a goal that you have a good chance of meeting without a lot of struggle. Expect a challenge, but it shouldn’t feel overwhelming or impossible.

One small goal leads to another. Before you know it, you will have a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll start stepping away from the air vents and thinking less about night sweats. Maybe you’ll even lose a little weight or reduce your risk of developing diabetes. There are so many benefits to living healthy, and you will enjoy those benefits while gaining control and learning how to stop hot flashes naturally.


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