Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Your Health

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Your Health

Because of the many tart cherry juice benefits for your health, you may want to add it to your daily diet.

While everyone knows that no sundae is complete without a cherry on top, rumor has it that you can now top off your health in much the same way. Stores around the world are making room on their shelves for tart cherry juice, and researchers are busy trying to discover the full health benefits of this deliciously sour drink.

If you’re always on the lookout for healthy ways to look and feel your best, you may want to add some tart cherry to your next smoothie or fill your sipping cup once or twice a day.

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits to Relieve Inflammation & Pain

Early studies into the impact of tart cherry juice on osteoarthritis, gout, and other conditions that involve joint pain have delivered impressive results. Participants who consumed 16 ounces of cherry juice daily experienced significant improvement in joint pain and stiffness. Other studies have shown that marathon runners who consume cherry juice while training for a race are able to complete the race with less joint and muscle soreness than other runners.

This benefit of tart cherry juice comes from the anti-inflammatory nature of the cherries. While more research is needed, it’s clear that adding a bit of cherry to your diet could help your joints and muscles push through intense workouts or daily life with arthritis and other medical conditions.

Fighting Alzheimer’s & Cognitive Decline

Could the cure for Alzheimer’s really be hiding in a bottle of juice? Researchers have found a connection between tart cherry juice and reduced oxidative stress in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. There is a plaque in the brain of these patients that is caused by oxidative damage to the brain, and the antioxidants in tart cherries could protect the brain from that damage.

As your tart cherry juice wakes up your taste buds and adds some excitement into your diet, there’s a good chance that it’s also gobbling up free radicals that could one day lead to mental and physical deterioration.

Condition Specific Fruit Series

Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Insomnia

Sleeping Well

There has been great excitement over the link between tart cherry juice and sleep improvements

One study showed that this drink could add about 90 minutes to your sleep timer each night, and the headlines started spinning around the world. While tart cherries do contain melatonin and the juice could help you get to sleep and stay asleep a little longer, don’t count on this alone ending your battle with insomnia permanently.

While it may help, and you have nothing to lose if insomnia interferes with your quality of life, it may not be the miracle cure that some reporters have assumed.

Are you ready to put a cherry on top of your life? Add tart cherry juice to your shopping list, or order a few bottles online and wait for the goodness to arrive on your doorstep. Either way, you may find that living a healthy life is always better with a dose of cherries. 

Tart Cherry Juice and Heart Disease

Quercitin is one of the most potent antioxidants that there is, and studies indicate that quercitine may be helpful in reducing blood pressure and plaque formation in the arterial walls.


Be sure to buy Organic Tart Cherry Juice.

Don't go overboard! As with all juices, the calorie count can add up quickly. Eight ounces of this wonderful juice delivers 140 calories and 25 grams of sugar.

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