Personal Fitness Trainer -- Do You Need One?

There Are Two Answers

1.  No.  You may not need a personal fitness trainer because of the many beautifully illustrated books, and videos available to demonstrate how to properly perform exercises. There are also personalized fitness training programs available.

If you have a membership in a gym, ask a staff member to direct you to the person who can show you how to use the equipment or give you guidance in proper form. 

Find a friend, someone I call a “body buddy,” that you can work out with and support each other.

2.  Yes.  You may choose to hire a personal fitness trainer for motivation, guidance, instruction, while recovering from an injury, sport-specific training, to monitor your progress, or to hold you accountable.  

What to Expect From Your Personal Fitness Trainer

Clearly state your goals to the trainer. If you haven't defined your goals, then there is no way to measure your progress in reaching them. 

If you aren't getting the results you're working and paying for, get another trainer. There are a lot more where that person came from. Sometimes, the only thing making gains is the trainer’s pocket.

A good personal fitness trainer will evaluate you, help determine whether your goals are realistic, and give you an idea as to how long it may take to reach them.

When I was a personal fitness trainer in the '80s, I gave my clients a money-back guarantee -- that is, if they followed the program. I never had to pay a dime. I doubt that you will find that guarantee anywhere.

I didn't hold my clients' hands. My first meeting with the client was a consultation and evaluation. Thereafter, we scheduled our first session in which I showed them how to use the equipment for specific exercises, taught them proper form, and gave them a program to follow.

I met with them once each week for the first month, every other week the second month, and once each month thereafter. During those sessions, I evaluated and made changes in their workout, answered questions, observed their form and addressed any problems.

Cost of a Personal Trainer -- Be a Good Consumer!

There are some excellent trainers out there; but, don't waste time or money on a trainer who is either unable to help you achieve your goals, or has no incentive for you to do so.

Unfortunately, granting a certificate or license to someone does not automatically instill good ethics, honesty, or competence. If this was not true, there would be no need for lawyers like myself.

We all want to believe that someone providing a service to us has pure motives -- after all, we're giving them our hard-earned money.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is it possible that there could be a conflict of interests in you achieving your goals in the fastest and most efficient time possible?
  • Is it possible that a trainer's interest in a steady cash flow of longer duration could conflict with your wallet and your desire to make measurable, timely gains?

You can bet your booties it's possible!

Being a savvy consumer and holding service providers such as personal fitness trainers to high standards benefits everyone.  

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Reasons to Find a New Trainer

Consider the following reasons to fire your personal fitness trainer.

  • Life happens to all of us and there are legitimate reasons for cancellation. However, if your trainer is frequently late or canceling, you may kindly free up their overly-busy schedule by terminating your relationship. Your agreement/contract should address this as one of the reasons for you to terminate the contract.
  • If your trainer is not returning phone calls, texts or emails pertaining to your workouts or other training issues -- maybe it's time for you to move on. A reasonable response time should be specified in your agreement.
  • Gyms are busy places; however, you are the client and should expect to receive the trainer's full attention during your session. Remember that you are paying for that attention.
  • Are you feeling pressured to purchase supplements and products that the trainer is selling? 
  • If you are uncomfortable with the trainer because of personality differences, or the trainer is making unwanted advances, it's reasonable to move on.
  • If the trainer tends to cut the workouts short, you aren't getting your money's worth.

In the event you decide to terminate your business relationship with a trainer, consider addressing the issue first. It's your choice. You're the consumer. Stay in the driver's seat.

Take Charge of Your Life

I believe it's important to take personal responsibility for your own health and fitness from the start.    

Oprah Winfrey is a perfect example of having the finest trainers in the world, a personal chef, dietitian, and millions of fans cheering her on. Yet, we all watched the repeated failures.

Guidance and encouragement are great to get you started; but, there are no crutches needed once you make a permanent lifestyle change. That should be your goal -- no more training wheels!

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