Longevity Facts You Should Know

Although aging is inevitable, there are certain longevity facts that place the keys to living longer within your control.

These keys include exercise, social interaction, attitude, and touch.

Longevity Facts That Are Keys to Living a Longer Life


The extensive volume of longevity facts tells us that the effect of exercise on longevity not only affects mortality rates, but dictates quality of life.

According to the AMA, the benefits of exercise are undeniable – such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia. 

Many recent studies indicate that exercise has a substantial effect on mortality rates, even at lower dosages. For example, the Aerobic Center Longitudinal Study of runners found that running only 5 to 10 minutes each day reduced mortality rate, with greater reductions as activity times were increased. 

A CBN 700 Club Report stated the following:  

  • People who exercise 2 ½ hr. per week (government guidelines) don’t go far enough according to the Journal of Exercise Medicine (JAMA). However, they do have a 31% less chance of dying than those who didn’t exercise.
  • Those who exercise 7 ½ hr. per week had a 39% less chance of dying than non-exercisers.
  • Vigorous exercise adds more years. One-third of exercise time using strenuous exercise are 9% less likely of dying prematurely than those who exercise only moderately.
  • Those who spent more than one-third of exercise time on strenuous activity had a 13% reduction in mortality rate.
  • Interspersed cardio has benefits tied to longevity, as well as dramatic effects on all aspects of health. 

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute, Harvard University, and other research centers, merged data from six ongoing health surveys of more than 661,000, mostly middle-aged adults. Comparing death records over a period of 14 years, they found that people who didn’t exercise were at the highest risk of premature death. Those who exercised just a little, lowered their risk of premature death by 20%. Those who tripled the level of exercise time (a little more than ½ hour per day) were 39% less like to die prematurely than those who never exercised. 

Exercise enhances the function of most bodily organs. For example, improved heart function distributes blood and oxygen throughout the body. This distribution of nutrients at the cellular level has a beneficial effect on body tissue. 


  • A study of 7000 subjects who completed the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, with a 40-year follow-up period, revealed that pessimistic individuals had decreased rates of longevity compared with optimistic individuals. 
  • According to an assessment of 243 centenarians by scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the participants had positive attitudes toward life, were outgoing, optimistic, and easygoing. The subjects of this assessment considered laughter an important part of life, and had sizable social networks. Rather than suppress emotions, they expressed them. 

Social Interaction

  • Loneliness, apathy, and remaining sedentary increase mortality rate.
  • Living alone or isolated after having a first heart attack doubles the risk of having a second occurrence within a few months.
  • Single men die years before married men from cancer and heart attacks.


Science demonstrates that touch changes the chemical composition of the body. In the 1930s, Dr. Spitz studied babies in nurseries. Those babies not touched by the attending staff became ill and began dying. Babies that were touched demonstrated a rapid decline in illness and mortality rates.

Another finding among premature infants found that those who received 3 massages each day over 10 days gained 47% more weight than preemies who weren’t massaged.

Do Happy People Live Longer?

Based upon the mountains of longevity facts, older people who report feeling happy are 35% less likely to die; and angry men have about four times the mortality rate as happier men.  

What are the Keys to Living Longer?

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Laugh often.
  • Stay involved and emotionally connected with other people.
  • Express, rather than suppress, your emotions. 
  • Don't forget the importance of touching.

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